Tuesday, 2011-05-17

arrrghhhrpierce99, ok now you're startin to worry me00:00
rpierce99i posted a logcat to a pm for hyc00:00
arrrghhhdidn't work?00:00
rpierce99no, same crash of phone00:00
arrrghhhi presume00:01
rpierce99i have a java debug environment set up so i'm tracing it, he's going to try rebuilding after a clean00:01
hycif it doesn't work that way, I'm just gonna have to upload the entire system.img00:02
hycthe new framework.jar and framework-res.apk look identical to before00:06
rpierce99could i have done something wrong placing them into the filesystem?00:06
hycbuild is still running00:07
rpierce99they are both chowned to root, just to be safe i chmoded the apk to 777, the .jar is rw r r like all the other jars in that folder00:07
hycwill ship the system.img in a bit00:07
*** arrrghhh has quit IRC00:20
hycok system.ext2.7z same place00:21
hycrpierce99: this may not have all my other recent patches00:22
rpierce99hm, ok00:22
rpierce99i guess i'll back up first then?00:22
rpierce99i have to dd over the partition00:23
hycso only use it for this mms test00:23
hycyeah. dd the partiton to back it up00:23
hycthen dd the new one over it00:23
rpierce99gonna take a bit00:24
rpierce99lets hope it's worth it :)00:24
rpierce99linux is starting to grow on me00:27
rpierce99cat /dev/disk1s3 is kinda fun to look at00:28
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rpierce99hm, what are all these changes for audio and bt going to do with the files missing in system00:34
hycwell.... I built the audio libraries on this source tree00:35
hycso those should still be in place00:35
hycotherwise, you'll probably have no audio00:35
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rpierce99just flashed on the screen like before with the google hackjob hyc00:58
rpierce99but pduParser didn't puke, so that's progress00:59
hychm ok00:59
hycdid you grab the patch I pasted?00:59
hycmight want to jdb it again00:59
hycand make sure it parsed what we wanted it to parse00:59
hyclet's try it with a new MMS00:59
hycI have a feeling it's just using cached results, even with that download link01:00
rpierce99ok i downloaded the patch, don't know how to apply it though. Also, i assume you're going to send me a new mms?01:02
rpierce99oh i'll have to get the trace up first01:03
hycok lemme know when ready01:03
rpierce99command to apply the patch?01:03
rpierce99or you could wait for me to look it up :P01:03
hycpatch < the_patch01:03
rpierce99hm, from the root xdandroid directory?01:04
hycfrom frameworks/base01:04
hycpatch -p1 < the_patch01:04
hycactually hang on01:05
hycdon't use the pastebin copy01:05
hycuse http://highlandsun.com/hyc/FRX06+/fram.patch01:05
hycI don't trust pastebin to preserve whitespace01:05
rpierce994/4 hunks failed01:07
rpierce99i had to fix some line wrapping01:07
*** Serren has quit IRC01:07
*** toadlife has quit IRC01:08
rpierce99all 4 hunks failed with that one too01:08
rpierce99ah i had to cd all the way to the file01:09
hycok, so it applied?01:10
*** programmer8922 has quit IRC01:10
hycok, so, ready to recv?01:10
*** programmer8922 has joined #xdandroid01:12
rpierce99any specific place you'd like a breakpoint01:15
hycthinking about that...01:15
hycline 156901:15
hycthat's where it ought to be setting the disposition to "inline"01:16
hyci.e., the parser ought to return "inline"01:16
rpierce99alright, well hopefully my environment works, go ahead and shoot01:16
hycare you able to view the "part" data structure?01:16
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hycalso line 157701:17
hycwant to see what tk is01:17
rpierce99got it01:17
rpierce99well same results with the new file but my debugger didn't break, its finicky with sometimes it's debugging the wrong process01:19
hychm, too bad. probably something else is being parsed wrong still01:20
rpierce99might have fixed the debugger, another?01:21
hycok 1 sec01:21
rpierce99hmmmm, i think i need to start a different activity with the debug flag to catch these when they are incoming like that, they download on a different thread, oh i'll set it to not automatically download so the button has to be hit for each one01:24
rpierce99ok whenever you're ready01:24
hycwait, so you're still getting the slideshow and the Play button?01:24
rpierce99well slideshow in the log, play button just causes a blink01:25
rpierce99a flash01:25
hycok sent01:25
rpierce99damnit, i apparently don't know how to use this debugger, i can only break into it like 1/10 times01:26
hycI think we want a Verison blob to compare...01:27
rpierce99that's what i was thinking01:27
hycwondering why it thinks it needs to do a slideshow01:27
hycprobably it's missing a mime-type somewhere01:28
rpierce99so when you hit play on yours it doesn't start com.android.mms/.ui.slideShowActivty?01:28
hycI don't get a play button, I just have an image01:29
rpierce99oh you're sending me images01:29
hycyeah, not videos01:29
hycI guess I should be able to examine a blob that I received here01:29
hycit should all just be WAP after all01:29
rpierce99you might need to turn off auto download so you have a download button01:30
rpierce99once it downloads i think it cleans up the pdu table01:30
hycwhat's the path to the mms DB?01:30
rpierce99 /data/data/com.android.providers.telephony/databases/mmssms.db01:31
rpierce99looks like they stay01:31
rpierce99some dont have blob urls though for some reason01:32
rpierce99whoever came up with the path /data/data should be shot01:32
hycok, select * from pdu; doesn't show me any URLs01:33
rpierce99hm, maybe it only persists the url if the download fails or if downloading is turned off01:34
rpierce99that would explain why some of mine have urls and some dont01:34
rpierce99i want to see arrrghhh and dswaggz throw down01:35
rpierce99that is getting heated01:35
hycloved randomblame's post01:37
rpierce99were you able to get a URL?01:47
hycwhat table is it in?01:48
hycnope. I've got no URLs in pdu at all01:48
hyclemme check my settings01:49
rpierce99did you try receiving one with autodownload turned off01:49
hycheh no atuo-retrieve was still on01:50
hyctrying again01:50
hycI have the URL this time01:51
hycbut it's on a t-mobile internal IP address01:52
*** mes has joined #xdandroid01:52
rpierce99no surprise there i guess, tether?01:52
hyci tried wget from the phone01:53
hycconnection refused01:53
rpierce99ah, the headers01:53
rpierce99you need to spoof a user agent and x-wap-profile probably01:53
hychm no, that's after successful connect01:53
hycI can't even get there. wrong port#?01:53
rpierce99port is part of the URL on mine01:54
hycno port# on mine01:54
hycdunno why. the Download button worked of course01:57
rpierce99you run firewalled don't you? i assume you allowed wget01:57
hycok, added that to firewall....02:00
hycgot it this time02:01
rpierce99i wonder what the point of the duration in there is02:07
hycno idea02:08
rpierce99i'm not nearly experienced enough with this to know why my file has 282828282828282 aka ((((((((((((( instead of your 00000000000000 aka ...............02:10
rpierce99make that 0101010102:11
*** InternetToughGuy has joined #xdandroid02:12
hycare you cahnging the url in your DB?02:22
hycor do you need to start with a new MMS?02:22
rpierce99i forwarded to myself02:22
rpierce99i've been avoiding that as to not start with a corrupted file02:23
rpierce99but in this case i had no intention of actually using the file02:23
rpierce99but i changed the db, backed out to the home screen, launched messaging, opened the thread, hit download, and i get the same results02:23
rpierce99hmmmm did you send me another one02:25
hycmight need to kill the messaging app02:25
hycit might have the old DB content cached02:25
rpierce99no it downloaded the new pdu and made a new msg out of it02:25
rpierce99the old one is still there02:25
rpierce99the new msg, the picture is good02:26
rpierce99well, a little blue02:26
hycheh, it was a dark restaurant02:26
hycand the G1 camera sucks in low light02:26
rpierce99hm, so that proves it's the blob02:26
hycok, so we know now that it's all about the blob encoding, nothing else matters02:26
rpierce99effing sprint02:27
rpierce99so there are 2 possibilities with that, either sprint has to hack their framework on all of their phones for their encoding, or there is some kind of account flag that encodes the messages for android?02:28
hycwell, most of their phones are running Sense aren't they?02:29
hycHTC has their own MMS app02:29
hycdoesn't use the google code02:30
hycand remember, we changed the UAprof02:30
hycwe changed it to a winmo profile huh02:30
rpierce99we changed it to the one winmo uses02:30
rpierce99what did that others guys uaprof say02:31
hycdo you still have that EVO 4G info somewhere?02:31
hycit's probably way back in my log buffer02:31
rpierce99mine has rolled off, but i'm sure i can find it on the web02:31
rpierce99oh wait02:31
rpierce99sense is an htc app, there are samsung android sprint phones02:32
rpierce99do they bundle a sms app too?02:32
rpierce99the nexus s 4g just launched, that's a google experience phone02:33
hycI can try recompiling the framework with this one02:33
rpierce99better yet, can we compare the response from the server to make sure they're not identical02:34
rpierce99i'm sure i've got something for header spoofing02:34
hycwell, the T7380 profile URL we have is invalid, 40402:34
rpierce99didn't it work yesterday?02:35
hycnot today :P02:35
*** manekineko has joined #xdandroid02:36
hycis 2046514 your rom version?02:36
manekinekodo any of you guys use any apps to manage access to root for other apps?02:36
hyccyanogen usually bundles one02:37
rpierce99hyc: dunno even how to check that02:37
rpierce99i'm stock02:37
manekinekohmm, the reason I ask is because I'm trying to get Superuser from XDA to work, but it doesn't seem to be compatible with us02:37
rpierce99oh it's in the post02:37
hycit shows in the post02:37
manekinekodon't like the idea that any random app from the market could have root access02:37
hycgood point02:37
hycwhat problem does the superuser app have?02:37
manekinekofor some reason it's never picking up on other apps using root02:38
manekinekolike ships in the night02:38
manekinekolaunched XDAndroid Wifi Tether, and it just runs with no issues02:38
manekinekonothing in the logcat of it even trying to stop it02:38
hycprobably because our rootfs mountbinds on top of /bin/su02:38
manekinekoahh yeah that would be it02:39
rpierce99preventing superuser from doing the same02:39
manekinekobecause it also can optionally attempt to update su and fails at it02:39
manekinekoperfect fit for the facts02:39
manekinekois there a reason we need to have su in the rootfs?02:40
rpierce99yes i'm on 2.14.651.402:40
manekinekohmm, though system wouldn't help actually02:40
manekinekosince they're both ro02:40
hycthe comment says it's to fix bad su in some builds02:40
manekinekothanks for the insight hyc, very helpful as always02:41
hycno prob ;)02:41
manekinekois there any particular reason it's important for us to mount rootfs and system as ro? or is it just for extra safety?02:42
hycsafety, yes02:42
hycalso, android doesn't do clean unmounts of its filesystems02:42
hycfilesystems mounted ro are no problem02:42
hycif it's mounted rw when shutdown, it will come up needing fsck02:43
manekinekohow do native devices deal with that?02:44
hycnative always mounts /system ro02:44
hycthat's why adb has a remount command...02:44
manekinekookay, I think I get it now02:45
manekinekoso just get rid of this bind mounted su in rootfs and we should be good to go on this02:45
manekinekoin my opinion, we should probably be bundling Superuser the way CM does02:45
manekinekoseems kinda reckless to ship a ROM rooted without it02:45
hycprobably a good idea02:46
manekinekoalright, I'll play with this later, time for bed now, thanks for your help again02:46
hycno prob02:46
*** manekineko has left #xdandroid02:46
hycthat didn't work either. I had to copy the /system/bin/su from my G1 over to make it work03:01
hycrpierce99: rebuilding mms.apk with the evo4G uaprof03:05
rpierce99k, this will be my last test for the night, hard to keep my eyes open, haha03:06
hycok ;)03:06
hycshould be able to kill current mms process and just install and run03:06
rpierce99i'm still in winmo from checking the rom version03:07
rpierce99throw it in androidapps?03:07
hycah ok03:07
rpierce99k, i'll just replace03:07
hycI dunno how that works when you already have it on /system/app03:07
rpierce99alright, one last mms if you would please03:15
hycok 1 sec03:15
rpierce99same :(03:17
hyckinda expected that03:18
hycsince the original hardcoded profile was android03:18
hycok, we'll try again later03:18
rpierce99alright, good night03:18
*** rpierce99 has quit IRC03:19
*** SpecR has quit IRC03:54
*** SpecR has joined #xdandroid03:58
*** Erikson has joined #xdandroid04:23
*** dief has joined #xdandroid05:24
diefhey, guys i need a bit of help setting up xdandroid frx06 on a htc diamond. All works well untill it show the android desktop, then it turns the display off05:25
*** dief has quit IRC05:28
*** programmer8922 has quit IRC05:39
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hycrpierce99: I've figured out what's going on with Sprint. Not entirely sure what to do about it yet.07:24
hycI hacked my DB to point the URL to your wap.blob and spent some time singlestepping thru the parsing and such07:25
hycit turns out that (a) my patch was parsing correctly, but (b) we don't want it.07:25
hycThe patch correctly sets the content disposition to inline and filename to whatever was specified. But this actually breaks things, because later on, if it sees the filename field set in the DB,07:26
hycit tries to read the image from there, instead of the actual pathname where Android stashed the image.07:26
hycSo in fact the safest thing to do is just ignore the Content-Disposition field completely...07:27
hycand that's only part of the problem. The other part is that the message I sent you contained both text and an image. Sprint formats these two pieces as two separate paragrpahs in the SMIL layout of the message.07:28
hycThe Android client treates each paragraph as a separate slide, and so it puts up the Slideshow play button.07:28
hycI think if I had sent you an MMS with only the image attachment and no text, it would have displayed just fine07:29
hyc(after we fixed the parsing exception)07:30
*** jonpry has joined #xdandroid08:05
*** raymonddull has joined #xdandroid08:05
*** helicopter88 has joined #xdandroid08:21
*** helicopter88 has quit IRC08:23
*** Mikey has joined #xdandroid08:42
*** Mikey is now known as Guest329308:42
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*** raymonddull is now known as ray|school09:13
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*** ray|school is now known as ray|away09:28
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*** emwe has joined #xdandroid10:11
hycrpierce99: 'morning10:24
hycdid you read the last bunch of text I wrote in here, in hte logs?10:24
rpierce99just now10:25
hycnew framework.jar on my page. it just ignores the content-disposition stuff10:25
hycbecause setting the filename just breaks everything else10:26
rpierce99can i just replace framework.jar now?10:26
hycI already did on my phone, no problem10:26
rpierce99were you able to see my blob with this patch?10:26
hycI saw something....10:26
hyclike I said, the slideshow is there because there are two different <par>'s in the SMIL body10:27
hycthe first one is text, the 2nd is the jpg10:27
rpierce99right, so is the slideshow dying on the text image?10:27
hycif you swap the order around, the JPG shows up under the play button10:28
hyc(I hacked up mms.apk to show it...)10:28
hycso I'd like to try a new test with sending an MMS with no text, just img10:28
hycand maybe another test with two imgs. dunno. I've never tried multiple attachments in one MMS before.10:29
hycbut I suspect the slideshow will work better in those cases10:29
rpierce99alright i'm up and running, mms away10:38
hyc'k 1 sec10:39
*** helicopter88 has joined #xdandroid10:39
hychmm. sending is pretty slow for some reason10:41
hycgonna reboot my phone10:42
*** kwoodyusa has quit IRC10:48
hycstill not completing the send10:49
hychmmm. gonna try from my other phone10:50
rpierce99i was able to forward myself your working mms and it came through with just the picture10:51
rpierce99no play button10:51
hycso I think we're actually fine10:51
rpierce99i did remove the body text10:52
hycyeah. ok good10:52
hycjust sent you one from my other phone10:54
rpierce99autodownloaded and everything10:56
rpierce99worked perfectly10:57
rpierce99and much better picture10:57
hycok cool10:57
hycthis is also a much simpler patch10:57
hycand simpler than Google's stupid patch too10:57
rpierce99hah, galler does not like the slide to change orientation10:57
hycno it doesn't10:58
hycI haven't updated this image, found a better version of gallery3D10:58
rpierce99so at this point with just this small patch we can tell people just don't receive mmses with text bodys10:59
*** vinceweis_ has joined #xdandroid11:09
hycI've pushed the patch to gitorious11:12
rpierce99did you end up using googles skip it method or something better11:13
hycsomething better11:14
hycnone of their ridiculous compile-time config crap11:14
*** helicopter88 is now known as heli_studies11:15
rpierce99oh i didn't realize they have compiler conditionals to determine whether to parse content disposition, haha thats dumb11:15
hycyeah the google patch is braindead11:15
rpierce99i'm really glad tiad8 set up his own domain11:29
rpierce99i went over there to see how much of the new stuff has been stolen so far, only to find out he took a good % of the idiots with him11:30
rpierce99i don't think anyone over there has a clue what they are doing11:30
hychow could they ever11:31
hycthey're following a guy who never lets them know what *he's* doing11:31
hycneopeek is about the same. clueless.11:31
hyccan't even get the new ril installed...11:31
rpierce99here's the thing, chefs are a valuable community to have around, ONCE STUFF WORKS, they can't chef their way into new features11:32
rpierce99hope i didn't offend any actual chefs my mentioning that term so closely after talking about tiad811:33
heli_studiesneopeek should have fixed the ril issue with latest cwm11:35
hycyeah, that's what I heard the last 3 times11:35
hyccwm 1.6, 1.7, and 1.811:35
heli_studiesbut now no one is talking about that issue11:36
heli_studiesso it should be fixed11:36
hyc4th time11:36
hyc4th time's the charm...11:36
heli_studiesbut it got it working,so that's a good thing,i don't care about how much times he tried that :)11:38
hycit was just a matter of tweaking some shell scriptws. there's no excuse for releasing stuff like that without testing it yourself.11:39
*** programmer8922 has joined #xdandroid11:39
heli_studiesI'm releasing stuff without testing too,now,but i'm without a phone11:40
heli_studiesand most of my trials have failed11:41
hycthat's an extremely slow way to make progress...11:41
heli_studiesbut if you can't test,it's a known thing that it will take more time..11:42
*** programmer8922 has quit IRC11:44
hycthen you find one or two people to work closely with you11:44
hycyou don't put it out there for the mass public, without knowing whether it's any good at all11:45
heli_studiesthat's right,i push my untested build only to testers,usually neo does so,but i don't know why he didn't with cwm..11:46
hycrpierce99: I put a summary here http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=13866390&postcount=1611:59
rpierce99did that guy with the evo connect to the same MMS download server I do?12:04
hychmmm. the play button worked fine for me.12:04
hycdon't remember, lemme check12:04
hyche connected to mms.sprintpcs.com:8012:05
rpierce99any path? /servlet/mms?12:05
hycto retrieve? no12:06
rpierce99oh that path is downloaded as part of the sms pdu anyways, we don't control that12:06
hycGET /?msgid=028_36182dc1d93c0455_0&userId=42644332 HTTP/1.112:06
hycanyway as I was saying, the play button works for me, with the wap.blob you originally gave me12:07
rpierce99hm, that's interesting12:07
hycwhen I press it, first it shows a black screen with white text12:07
hycand if I swipe I can see the playback controls / seek bar12:07
hycand move forward, and I see the JPG12:07
rpierce99send me another combo message with text/pic?12:08
rpierce99i haven't received a combo since your patch12:08
hycok 1 sec12:08
hycthis is infact my copy of your blob. ;)12:09
hycso that explains the durations too. 5 seconds on the text, 8 seconds on the jpg12:11
hycthe annoying thing is you can't select the jpg this way.12:11
rpierce99well this is interesting12:11
hycwhat happened?12:12
rpierce99the way i received that is 2 messages, 1 is the picture of your cable with no text, 2 is the text with no picture12:12
hycpretty cool ;) ok I'll send an original then12:12
hycok sent12:14
rpierce99hm, no, 1 message, play button, just flashes12:14
hycdownload my Mms.apk then12:15
hycalso in FRX06+ directory...12:15
hycwas thinking we wouldn't need it any more but try it12:16
hycoh wait12:17
hycthe one there is not up to date12:17
hycok now12:18
*** heli_studies has quit IRC12:18
hycwith this one you'll get the same behavior I was talking about12:18
rpierce99you said i can just adb install Mms.apk?12:21
hycpush it onto /system/app12:21
rpierce99hm that has an interesting affect on the messages already downloaded, not sure if it's supposed to fix those12:23
rpierce99the picture is now behind the play button12:23
rpierce99but the play button still just causes a flash12:23
hycnothing else has changed12:24
hycI don't know why your durations aren't working12:25
rpierce9905-17 11:19:25.990 I/ActivityManager( 1301): Starting activity: Intent { dat=content://mms/28 cmp=com.android.mms/.ui.SlideshowActivity }12:29
rpierce9905-17 11:19:26.540 W/InputManagerService( 1301): Starting input on non-focused client com.android.internal.view.IInputMethodClient$Stub$Proxy@441671a0 (uid=10009 pid=2581)12:29
rpierce9905-17 11:19:26.570 I/ActivityManager( 1301): Displayed activity com.android.mms/.ui.SlideshowActivity: 550 ms (total 550 ms)12:29
rpierce9905-17 11:19:28.220 I/WindowManager( 1301): Setting rotation to 3, animFlags=012:29
rpierce9905-17 11:19:28.240 I/ActivityManager( 1301): Config changed: { scale=1.0 imsi=310/0 loc=en_US touch=3 keys=2/1/2 nav=2/1 orien=2 layout=34 uiMode=17 seq=9}12:29
hyc550ms... that's half a second, you could have hit the screen and paused it :P12:32
hycbut that's really weird12:32
rpierce99i think there's some lag in the screen because it's literally a flash like a camera, split second12:33
hycmy log sayed 350ms12:34
hycbut the actual slideshow lasted the full 13 seconds12:34
*** ORi| has quit IRC12:34
*** ORi|| has joined #xdandroid12:34
hycI think we should assume this is something else flaky on that particular system.img12:35
hycso we need someone else to install the framework.jar and test12:35
hycyou switched to my full build before12:36
rpierce99hm, i was able to get it to pause for a second12:36
hycand then we tried the google patch on that?12:36
rpierce99the system i'm running right now is the full build from last night12:36
hycI don't think that actually has all of the updated video libraries12:37
hycI dunno what's up with that, it's like someone is not parsing the durations correctly12:39
hycbut we know that the blob had 5000ms and 8000ms12:39
hycwell... I'm out of ideas for now12:41
hycand mostly it will be a non-issue12:41
rpierce99at some point i'll switch over to my old system with everything up to date and put in the new Mms.apk and framework.jar and see what happens12:45
rpierce99otherwise you could post em up, they work better than the current ones, for sprint at least12:46
rpierce99i'd guess not many people are on your system image though12:46
hycand it's a real bitch getting these patches to play with FRX0612:46
hycI mean, getting the patched files to run on a stock FRX06 install12:47
rpierce99yeah i wouldn't even discuss the possibility12:47
hychmmm. let's compare mmssms.db contents again. 1 sec12:48
hycI'm going to pull up the rows from the part table for this msg12:48
hycI was actually running the earlier patched framework when I received the message.12:51
hycso that version stored the content-disposition filename12:51
hycI manually deleted the filename from record #10712:52
hycleft it in for the text part, figured it didn't matter12:52
*** helicopter88 has joined #xdandroid12:52
hycwhat do you have in yours? I can try making mine match and see if the slideshow gets messed up12:53
hycand you can try mine, and see if the slideshow works ...12:53
rpierce99i'm not sure how to match mine up12:58
rpierce99i mean i know how to edit12:58
rpierce99but i can't tell which one12:58
hycwell, you should have 3 records right? 1st is the SMIL12:58
hyc2nd is the jpg, 3rd is the text12:58
rpierce99well i have 48 parts12:58
hycit should be one of the last records in the table, most recently arrived12:59
rpierce99ok the last message i received, got it12:59
hycok, so your record 47 and 48 have no content disposition or filename13:00
hycI'll delete those from mine...13:01
rpierce99your smil has duration mine doesn't13:01
*** vinceweis_ has quit IRC13:02
hycoh, wow.13:03
rpierce99that'd do it :P13:04
hycthis is from the original wap.blob you sent me13:04
hycand that has duration in it13:04
rpierce99you sent me wap.blob, i didn't send you wap.blob13:05
rpierce99i sent you a link to download it13:05
hyc? no, I sent you wap2.blob :P13:05
hycoh ok13:05
hycwell, this is from your download link13:05
rpierce99hm, so your phone parsed out duration where my phone didn't13:05
hycI wonder if this is also realted to the change in user-agenet13:06
hycuser-agent or uaprof13:06
rpierce99i have one smil in here with dur13:06
rpierce99the weird thing is it's super nicely formatted13:06
rpierce99line breaks and tabs and everything13:07
hycmust not have come from sprint then :P13:07
hycthat might have been my wap2.blob13:07
rpierce99how did it get into my db?13:07
hycafter you changed your msg URL to point to it13:07
rpierce99oh it did13:07
rpierce99that's right13:07
rpierce99it is yours then, that's why there is only one13:07
hycok, well the current Mms.apk has a bogus user-agent T738013:08
hyclet's revert back to the default user-agent Android/MMS13:08
rpierce99all of the others have either no dur property  at all or have 0ms13:08
rpierce99<smil><head><layout><root-layout width="480px" height="800px"/><region id="Text" left="0" top="240" width="480px" height="800px" fit="meet"/><region id="Image" left="0" top="0" width="480px" height="800px" fit="meet"/></layout></head><body><par dur="0ms"><text src="textplain_3.txt" region="Text"/></par><par dur="0ms"><img src="imagejpeg_2.jpg" region="Image"/></par></body></smil>13:09
*** arrrghhh has joined #xdandroid13:11
hycwhat do you think, revert from the Evo4G uaprof too?13:12
*** manekineko has joined #xdandroid13:12
hycgonna try only the user-agent for now13:13
manekinekohyc: am I seeing that you got Superuser working on your phone by copying over your G1 binary?13:13
manekinekowow, you're fast, get up in the morning and everything is done already13:13
manekinekoany ideas on why it was necessary to change the su binary?13:14
manekinekoand can I get a copy of that G1 binary?13:14
hycrpierce99: ok new Mms.apk, using default Android useragent13:14
rpierce99and x-wap-profile?13:14
arrrghhhhyc, do you sleep?13:14
hycstill using evo4g profile13:14
rpierce99arrrghhh: i think not13:14
arrrghhhlol no joke.13:14
hycarrrghhh: once in a while ;)13:15
arrrghhhi'm stirring shit on the forums again, w00t.13:15
manekinekohe's an Android-optimizing beast13:15
hycno idea what's going on with the su binary13:15
hycthe G1 binary is only 24K13:15
hycthe ones in our image are 75K and 80K13:15
arrrghhhsorry it had to be in your thread this time hyc :P13:15
hycarrrghhh: no worries13:15
manekinekostill, I don't see any particular downside to just substituting in your G1 binary13:15
hyci don't much care at this point, ignoring most of those recent posts13:16
arrrghhhi need to learn how to do that..13:16
manekinekoespecially since it apparently gets our project closer to real Android devices13:16
hycok. http://highlandsun.com/hyc/FRX06+/su13:16
hycyou will have to eliminate /bin/su from your path13:16
manekinekoyou have commit access and are on the dev mailing list, you gonna try and add the fix to the official builds?13:16
hycI have commit access to the ril only.13:17
hycI'm pretty sure the G1 binary is built from the cyanogen source tree13:17
hycI just haven't chased it down yet13:17
hyc(or replace /bin/su with this one)13:18
manekinekoxbin/su actually I think13:18
hycxbin typically is not in your path13:19
hycdroidwall didn't trigger until I deleted /bin/su and added /system/bin/su13:19
*** helicopter88 is now known as heli_dinner13:19
manekinekohmm really13:20
manekinekoso right now our system images have no bin/su only xbin/su13:20
manekinekoso are all root requiring apps actually broken?13:20
hycthey get /bin/su from rootfs13:21
manekinekobut that can't be, I've used many of them and they work13:21
*** nautis has joined #xdandroid13:21
manekinekowhat a convoluted system we have13:21
manekinekoyeah ok, I'm seeing that13:21
hycrpierce99: kinda wondering if the duration is set on the sender side13:22
manekinekoI assume you tried just using either the existing system su or rootfs su and copying them over to system/bin and they didn't work?13:22
manekinekoneeded the G1 su?13:22
hycdoesn't make sense for the mms server to be munging the SMIL like this13:22
rpierce99well i saw the duration in all of the blobs i downloaded13:22
hycmanekineko: right13:23
manekinekothat's so odd, can't think of any reason why that'd be the case considering it uses its own su binary13:23
*** programmer8922 has joined #xdandroid13:24
hycI didn't spend much time digging. just pulled the G1 binary 'cause I know it works already13:24
manekinekoyeah that's really good enough13:24
manekinekoso who do you suppose I should lobby to get Superuser built into the next FRX/GRX by default13:24
manekinekoheh maybe arrrghhh?13:25
hycthe last time I tried to chase down the lineage of /bin/pppd I got nowhere...13:25
hycyou can submit a bug report / feature request13:25
arrrghhhwe have SU13:25
manekinekobecause it's a gigantic security risk letting every random app have full root access13:25
hycyes, we have a very promiscuous su13:25
arrrghhhwhat apps are you downloading13:25
manekinekoany app could be secretly trying to access root and doing shady stuff and we'd never know13:26
arrrghhhi don't have a problem giving titanium backup root13:26
hycall in all I think it's better to know what apps are getting root.13:26
manekinekoSuperuser gives you a notification when an app requests root, and let's you authorize or deny them once each13:26
arrrghhheh i guess13:26
manekinekoit's really just sensible security13:26
arrrghhhfile a bug13:26
arrrghhhas an enhancement13:26
arrrghhhassign it to sir stine13:27
manekinekoespecially since hyc got it working already13:27
arrrghhhexplain how you got it working in the bug :P13:27
manekinekoalright, will do13:27
hycbe careful when you install the new su binary13:27
hycxbin/su didn't ever allow me to have root13:27
manekinekodid you just remove xbin/su and copy your new one into /bin/su?13:28
hycand symlinked xbin/su13:28
hycthat's the layout the G1 has13:28
manekinekookay, sounds good13:28
hycrpierce99: if you have the new mms.apk running, ready to receive another msg?13:29
rpierce99haha forgot i downloaded another one, got flooded by 3 gtalk convos at once13:29
hychm. I would have expected android to use a default duration if none was in the actual parts13:32
hycmaybe that's expecting too much....13:33
rpierce99alright new apk installed13:33
hycok will re-send13:33
hycarrrghhh: probably should just lean back from all those newbie posts.13:35
arrrghhhi guess.13:36
hycthere's always gonna be clueless newbies13:36
arrrghhhjust pisses me off13:36
arrrghhhi've just been the noob wrangler13:36
arrrghhhmaking sure these fools stay in line13:36
arrrghhhand i read your thread13:36
arrrghhhthree pages of complete nonsense.13:36
arrrghhhkinda pissed me off.13:36
hycyeah, it pisses me off sometimes too. but now I'm just too tired to react. :P13:36
rpierce99no diff, hyc. I have yet to see any of these changes actually change the returned file, have you?13:37
hychm, no.13:37
hycbut I don't know how to explain the presence or absence of the duration field.13:37
rpierce99well since the sender can't even set the duration, what diff does it make, I say throw a minVal in there and call it a day13:38
hycgood  point13:38
hycI was kinda thinking there was already a minval tho13:39
hyc7 seconds is in mms_config.xml13:39
hycso, don't understand why it's getting ignored13:39
hycoh well13:39
hycarrrghhh: if you're still running on my system, you can try downloading my new framework.apk13:40
rpierce99framework.jar and mms.apk13:40
hycyeah that13:40
hycfor MMSs with no body text, image/audio/video should work fine13:41
hycfor MMSs with body text ... it's a bit of a mystery still13:41
arrrghhhi am on your system13:51
arrrghhhnot sure if it's up-to-date tho13:51
arrrghhhseems you pump out a new one nightly :P13:51
manekinekohyc, just to confirm, all you did was: (1) remove 2x bind mounts from rootfs init for su (2) remove /system/xbin/su (3) cp in new /system/bin/su (4) ln -s a link for /system/xbin/su13:51
hycno, i'm actually quite behind on overall system builds ;)13:51
hycmanekineko: yes13:52
manekinekodang, not working here that's unfortunate13:52
manekinekowell, maybe I'll go poke it with a stick some more13:53
hycarrrghhh: pretty sure the framework and mms will work on that13:53
hycmanekineko: what doesn't work?13:53
hycif you run the su binary from connectbot, doesn't it trigger the superuser ui?13:54
manekinekoI ran XDAndroid Wifi Tether without triggering Superuser13:54
manekinekoalso Superuser remains unable to permanently update its su binary it seems13:55
manekinekoas each time I check it says there's a new one13:55
hycwell, one step at a time... make sure the g1 binary works on the cmdline13:55
manekinekoyeah, good call, I'll try that after it boots up again13:55
hycfor me the version check always fails. hm, that's probably just droidwall tho.13:56
arrrghhhah looks like your site has the same system image i'm on.13:59
hycok no worries then14:01
*** heli_dinner is now known as helicopter8814:01
manekinekoyep, nothing when I called su from connectbot14:02
hycyou just got an immediate root shell?14:03
hycdid you give the full path to the su binary?14:04
manekinekowhen? on the command line?14:05
manekinekohmm didn't the first time, but just restarted connectbot and did this time14:05
hycand same result?14:06
hycweird. dunno what's up.14:06
hycand i'm fading out. time to sleep. :)14:07
manekinekoyeah, I'll keep poking at it14:07
manekinekothanks for the help14:07
*** jonpry has quit IRC14:07
arrrghhhhyc, cya14:08
rpierce99whoah, he does sleep14:08
arrrghhhi was thinking the same thing14:08
manekinekoso he claims14:08
manekinekohe's probably going to go hack on the kernel14:08
helicopter88that's another unbelievable thing..14:08
*** jonpry has joined #xdandroid14:08
*** toadlife has joined #xdandroid14:12
arrrghhhrpierce99, reading the logs, i'm grasping most of what happened14:20
arrrghhhbut what's this jibba jabba about a slideshow?14:20
rpierce99com.android.mms/.ui.slideShowActivity is the activity that the mms app uses to view multiple attachments14:21
rpierce99in our case it treats the text as an attachment so it shows up before the image14:21
rpierce99well i think hycs mms.apk fixed that14:21
arrrghhhand it seems if the mms is sent with just an image it's fine14:21
arrrghhhbut image+text, not fine?14:21
*** mes has quit IRC14:21
rpierce99it's fine, for the most part14:22
rpierce99on my phone i can't parse out the duration14:22
arrrghhhdo tell14:22
rpierce99so it opens and immediately closes14:22
rpierce99can't see anything14:22
rpierce99hyc gets duration just fine14:22
rpierce99but it sounds like he's just going to throw a minimum duration into the slideshow activity in case this happens14:22
rpierce99it might just be my system image though14:23
arrrghhhah, hence he wanted me to test it.14:23
arrrghhhrpierce99, so i just need the framework.jar and mms.apk?14:25
arrrghhhi got the framework, can't find mms.apk tho14:25
rpierce99it's case sensitive14:26
arrrghhhi tried mms.apk14:26
arrrghhhand MMS.apk14:26
*** jonpry has quit IRC14:26
arrrghhhbut not Mms.apk :P14:26
rpierce99i had a problem with just replacing the framework.jar once without the framework-res.apk, but it was fine the last time, so I think it's ok14:26
*** helicopter88 is now known as heli_shower14:27
*** jonpry has joined #xdandroid14:27
*** arrrghhh has quit IRC14:31
manekinekorpierce99, you've compiled the XDAndroid kernel before right?14:46
rpierce99it's been a while, and I never ran it14:46
rpierce99but yeah14:46
manekinekoafter compiling it, did you manage to get it to be exactly the same as the one produced by autobuild?14:46
manekinekofor some reason my diff's are mismatching14:46
rpierce99just the zImage itself md5 against md5?14:47
manekinekoyeah, just used the Linux diff command14:47
manekinekofilesizes differ14:48
rpierce99oh i don't know what diff does, but i wouldn't be surprised if they didn't match up exactly, slight differences in any part of the toolchain, as well as including or not including certain kernel drivers, compilation options, etc14:48
emwedepends on compiler toolchain used i'd say14:48
manekinekohmm ok, followed nate's instructions on ppcgeeks, and am using Google's prebuilt toolchain14:49
manekinekobut maybe I'll just ignore the difference and try booting it14:49
emwehm, most are using the codesourcery toolchain14:50
emweautobuild too14:50
manekinekoah that'd explain it14:50
emwe2010q3 one14:52
manekinekoany particular reason I should switch if my current setup is working?14:52
emwedunno much about the google toolchain.15:01
emwecan't really say. codesourcery is gcc 4.5.1 that's all i can tell15:01
heli_showerchanging toolchain makes huge differencies?15:02
*** fishhead2567 has joined #xdandroid15:02
emweheli_shower: no idea. always been using codesourcery for kernel as like everybody else.15:03
*** heli_shower has quit IRC15:11
*** mes has joined #xdandroid15:19
*** NeoMatrixJR has joined #xdandroid15:35
*** Chester0 has joined #xdandroid15:43
*** kwoodyusa has joined #xdandroid15:43
*** arrrghhh has joined #xdandroid15:45
arrrghhhrpierce99, well that was a bust.  you said mmsc isn't required for receiving mms, just sending right?15:46
rpierce99yeah, what are you seeing?15:46
arrrghhhwell the download link appears to churn this time15:46
arrrghhhbut it just sits there saying 'downloading...'15:47
arrrghhhand i saw this15:47
arrrghhhE/TransactionSettings( 1938): Invalid APN setting: MMSC is empty15:47
arrrghhhwhich it is in fact empty...15:47
rpierce99hm, you know what15:47
rpierce99i bet it has to send a conf back to the server15:47
arrrghhhi've seen several versions of MMSC15:47
arrrghhhdo you know what the 'official' one is?15:48
arrrghhhi've seen some with an IP in thar15:48
arrrghhhwhich makes me leery :P15:48
rpierce99I'm just using http://mms.sprintpcs.com i believe15:48
arrrghhhdon't you need your 10-digit number on thar as well?15:48
rpierce99i know http://mms.sprintpcs.com/servlets/mms is common too15:48
rpierce99i haven't had a problem15:48
rpierce99i am able to send mmses to myself15:49
rpierce99i'll double check my settings15:49
rpierce99yeah this is my APN: 53|sprint|31000|310|00|sprint||||||||http://mms.sprintpcs.com|-1||115:50
rpierce99cdma mode might add that other stuff automatically, not really sure why that's necessary for some15:51
arrrghhhi always forget i have this fancy linux server at home15:53
arrrghhhperhaps i don't need to tether at all15:53
rpierce99really need to put my system image back on, having no audio sucks15:56
*** vinceweis has joined #xdandroid15:57
*** Chester0 has quit IRC16:09
arrrghhhso rpierce99 who else in the room is a bot?  :P16:17
arrrghhhInternetToughGuy, let's pick on him16:17
rpierce99always fun to pick on the InternetToughGuy16:17
arrrghhhi don't think i've seen him say anything bwhahaha16:17
* rpierce99 things arrrghhh is bored16:18
rpierce99damnit thinks16:18
arrrghhhwell i'm trying to figure out why this port forward isn't working16:18
arrrghhhand there's tumbleweeds rolling across #dd-wrt16:18
arrrghhhi guess i could do real work16:18
arrrghhhthat would be even more boring tho16:18
rpierce99i've been scrambling to get a feature implemented before a midnight release tonight. Just found out the release is tomorrow night. D'oh!16:19
arrrghhhheh, nice.16:20
arrrghhhsheesh, i've used dd-wrt to redirect ports before.16:20
arrrghhhi don't get why this isn't working now...16:20
arrrghhhzomg i think i got it.16:22
arrrghhhcrap, i'm never going to get any work done... ever again.  :P16:22
*** vinceweis has quit IRC16:26
rpierce99now that you've broken through the firewall?16:28
arrrghhheh i should be able to get on IRC without my phone now :D16:29
arrrghhhi successfully ssh'd to my box @ home!16:29
rpierce99i've heard of people doing that but what is there a command line irc client?16:29
arrrghhhbut i'd just use it to tunnel16:30
arrrghhhwith ssh, possibilities are endless.16:30
rpierce99oh, well i don't know much about ssh tunneling16:30
arrrghhhyou can pipe anything over it16:30
arrrghhhso you can have an encrypted tunnel for any type of traffic basically.16:30
*** Chester0 has joined #xdandroid16:40
toadlifestayed home for work today..sick. arrrghhh..have you tried speakerphone yet with the new audio libs?16:43
arrrghhhno, i keep forgetting16:43
* toadlife shakes fist at arrrghhh16:44
toadlifeWell when you get around to it let me know.  I don't use speakerphone...ever, so it's not a big deal16:44
toadlifeBut I'd still like to know16:44
arrrghhhevidently you do... :P16:45
toadlifeHad a weird thing happen. This morning the mic on my phone would not work at all, internal or externel. Rebooted to winmo and tested it and both worked, then booted into android and the internel mic worked again16:45
toadlife"It seems you do not have the hardware required to run Unity."  --Ubuntu16:51
toadlifeI didn't want that POS anyway16:51
*** programmer8922 has quit IRC16:52
*** Kraln has joined #xdandroid16:59
*** CASJ has joined #xdandroid16:59
*** Chester0 has quit IRC17:02
*** Kraln has quit IRC17:04
*** Kraln has joined #xdandroid17:05
arrrghhhwow.  hyc's testing thread has blown up into a freakin hilarious mess... sorry dude.17:09
rpierce99you're blowing up threads left and right17:09
arrrghhhi noes.17:09
arrrghhhOoOo they're starting to release phones with 'wireless charging' built in.17:11
arrrghhhcan't say that's a feature my next phone has to have, but it would be nice to see that standard take flight.17:11
arrrghhhor... perhaps a standard at all heh.17:12
rpierce99yeah as long as it's a standard i'm good, not down with buying new charging pads for every phone17:12
arrrghhhno joke.17:14
arrrghhhi'm not really excited about getting all new plugs17:15
NeoMatrixJRarrrghhh u gotta start bein nicer on the forums.  I gotta admit that the instructions on that thread are not right anymore and he was asking valid questions17:15
arrrghhhi kinda liked that my last 3-4 phones all had the same plugs.17:15
arrrghhhNeoMatrixJR, it's not easy17:15
arrrghhhnoobs beware.17:15
arrrghhhit pretty much states that in the first post17:15
arrrghhhand probably several after that as well.17:15
arrrghhhi'm just sick of seeing page after page of drivel.17:15
NeoMatrixJRjust do what your momma said and "if u can17:15
NeoMatrixJRif you can't say something nice don't say anything at all17:16
arrrghhhmy momma said if you're a noob, STFU and read.17:16
NeoMatrixJRsry, hate this laptop's keyboard.  Hit enter too easy17:16
arrrghhhso... yea.17:16
arrrghhhi had to do SO much reading to even scratch the surface of this project17:17
arrrghhhand i probably still haven't17:17
arrrghhhpisses me off when people waltz in and assume they can absorb all the info needed in 10 minutes.17:17
arrrghhhthen ask retarded question after retarded question...17:17
NeoMatrixJReven trying to keep up anymore it's hard to tell what info's out of date17:17
arrrghhhit is hard to keep up.  stuff changing very quickly.17:18
NeoMatrixJRand so many different things going on at once.17:18
arrrghhhhence the reason i'm telling people to wait for the new build, and quit filling the forums with feces.17:18
NeoMatrixJRppl want to combine it all and I'm not sure there's a good way to17:18
arrrghhhwell some of it you can, some of it you can't.17:18
arrrghhhhence - wait.17:19
NeoMatrixJRspeeking of, does stine think he's going to be able to get it before he goes on his trip?  I haven't been on IRC much lately but I've been trying to keep up on the logs...at least searching the high points.17:19
arrrghhhi think he's already left.17:20
arrrghhhso... no.17:20
arrrghhhbased on my last convo with him, he wasn't going to get anywhere near to release before he leaves.17:21
arrrghhhthere's so much stuff, especially if it's all going to be integrated.17:21
arrrghhhperhaps the audio routing stuff can be pushed back to 08...17:21
NeoMatrixJRoh, I thought it was this thursday not last.... oh well.17:21
NeoMatrixJRthat's a pretty big one17:21
NeoMatrixJRI know everyone's fighting for 7 but I'd be willing to wait for that17:21
arrrghhhi don't recall exactly when he's leaving.17:21
arrrghhhthat's the problem17:21
arrrghhhnoobs want a new build now17:22
arrrghhhbut there's a ton of stuff that hasn't even barely been staged yet.17:22
arrrghhhlet alone thoroughly tested.17:22
NeoMatrixJRone thing I was confused on is hyc's thread.  people are still saying you need a modified rootfs.  Do the auto-build ones not have his modifications yet even though the RIL's in the auto-build?17:23
rpierce99wow you need to get a mod to clean up your frx06 thread, it's getting hostile17:23
arrrghhhrpierce99, lol17:23
arrrghhhi guess i should...17:25
arrrghhhi hate the forums sometimes.  not sure why i keep going back thar :P17:25
*** emwe has quit IRC17:29
NeoMatrixJRarrrghhh, actually, thanks, I pulled up my remote computer that had the forums open and I saw you already posted on there.  Sorry for double-asking, I just hadn't been able to pull that back up yet.17:33
arrrghhhkinda hard to make one component ready for a big change without breaking other components17:34
arrrghhhso there might still be some changes waiting for a new system image...17:34
NeoMatrixJRyeah.  I kinda figured that getting everything to merge and not overlap would slow things down.17:34
arrrghhhplus, stine wants a lot of the merge requests tested against a clean tree17:35
arrrghhhas in, not the way we've been testing them for the most part :P17:35
NeoMatrixJRWould be nice if WisTilt2 would get his stuff on git so we could see what changes he's making so nobody would step on his toes either.  he seems to be working on a lot but I haven't seen anything from him drop on the mainline in a while.17:35
arrrghhhall his changes have been posted17:36
arrrghhhas of a month ago17:36
arrrghhhhave they all been committed?  i don't think we're there yet.17:37
*** ilkinansr92 has joined #xdandroid17:37
NeoMatrixJRoh, damn...missed that17:38
* NeoMatrixJR goes back to re-search the logs17:38
arrrghhhhe posts patches to the ML...17:38
NeoMatrixJRoh, I'm not on that.17:38
ilkinansr92Arrrghhh does htc-msm-linux @ 20110514_165614 Kernel and WisTilt2's newest Kernel use the same fix for SOD's?17:38
arrrghhhilkinansr92, i think so17:39
*** vinceweis has joined #xdandroid17:39
ilkinansr92how do i post logs havent done it yet and something is causing reboot after call on tilt 217:40
rpierce99wistilt2 (obviously) has a tilt2 and he's not seeing the issues, are you sure you haven't changed anything (ie sound fixes, bluetooth)17:41
*** kwoodyusa has quit IRC17:42
arrrghhhilkinansr92, indeed.  have you changed anything with the build other than the kernel?17:42
arrrghhhsomeone posted a bug similar to that17:42
arrrghhhsaid that after every phone call, if the other end hangs up his phone reboots.17:42
ilkinansr92nope everythin is stock17:43
ilkinansr92just kernels17:43
ilkinansr92i also use  roofs from autobuild service17:44
ilkinansr92does he use F22's or it doesnt matter17:44
toadlifeYou should try to be a little nicer to the n00bs arrrghhh.   Not everyone is an uber hacker.17:50
ilkinansr92should i update initrd to the newest one?18:01
*** fishhead2567 has quit IRC18:13
arrrghhhtoadlife, don't start.18:33
arrrghhhi will kill you.18:33
ilkinansr92hey arrrghhh is initrd an important file to update?18:35
arrrghhheh, kinda.18:35
arrrghhhi can't say the new one is required tho18:35
arrrghhhthe last commit was  Don't use /sdcard for initial mount18:35
arrrghhhbefore that, there hasn't been any changes to the initial ramdisk since august 2010.18:36
ilkinansr92well i got anyways and formated the card and reinstalled everythin18:36
arrrghhhthat's fine18:36
arrrghhhit certainly won't hurt anything.18:36
arrrghhhit's just not required by any means...18:36
ilkinansr92gonna see is the issue with reboot is there18:36
ilkinansr92i mean reboot after call is done not reboot itself18:37
ilkinansr92lol wat18:37
arrrghhhi'm pretty sure you're doing something else wrong if it's rebooting after a phone call.18:37
ilkinansr92its not always18:38
arrrghhhif you're starting over fresh, then so be it.18:38
ilkinansr92just sometimes our of no where18:38
arrrghhhcould be your card18:38
ilkinansr92anyways gonna test it fresh see what happens18:39
ilkinansr92how so?18:39
arrrghhhcard bad18:39
ilkinansr92some are not supported?18:39
arrrghhhcauses system to flake18:39
arrrghhhand reboot18:39
arrrghhhconsidering EVERYTHING Android is on the card18:39
arrrghhha bad card would be bad news.18:39
ilkinansr92how can i test it?18:39
arrrghhhi'm not saying a particular card isn't supported, i'm just saying it *could* be your card.18:39
arrrghhhthe only way to know is to analyze the logs from the reboot.18:39
ilkinansr92what program do i use?18:40
toadlifeI should post a HOWTO: log from init18:43
arrrghhhtoadlife, that would be silly18:43
arrrghhhgscript is WAY easier.18:43
toadlifearrrghhh could answer the n0b questions18:43
toadlifegscript is a POS18:43
ilkinansr92how to get my logs18:43
arrrghhhwhy would you want to hack init?18:44
arrrghhhilkinansr92, dmesg18:44
toadlifeit hangs in the bakround and takes up 70% of CPU every time you exit it18:44
arrrghhhtoadlife, don't exit it :D18:44
arrrghhhand i don't think i've had that problem18:44
arrrghhhbut i don't think i've specifically tried to recreate it...18:44
arrrghhhas i didn't realize that was an issue :P18:44
toadliferun a script from gscript, push the bak button to get out of it and go look at top and you will see it in the background going nuts18:45
arrrghhhcan't right now.18:45
arrrghhhbut i will18:45
arrrghhhnot that i use gscript that frequently.18:45
arrrghhhbut hacking init seems like a silly way to shoehorn logs in18:45
toadlifenot at all. I wrote it so I just put dump.logs=1|0 in the command line18:50
arrrghhhso every rootfs update18:50
arrrghhhyou rehack the init18:50
toadlifeYeah it takes a few minutes18:50
toadlifesilly..to you18:51
arrrghhhi'd rather not have to hack init every time there's a rootfs update.18:52
toadlifeThe other way I've done it is to implement as a service. More gracefull, but requires more effort, so I don't do that18:54
ilkinansr92ok i been trying to find gscript where is it18:56
arrrghhhthe Market?18:56
arrrghhhwhat are you even trying to do?18:56
ilkinansr92i though it was with buld18:56
ilkinansr92get the log18:56
ilkinansr92couz it only reboots after person hangup the phone18:57
ilkinansr92but doesnt reboot if im the first one18:57
arrrghhhdid you file that bug?18:57
arrrghhhbug 13318:57
xdandroidBug http://bugs.xdandroid.com/show_bug.cgi?id=133 major, Normal, ---, developers, RESOLVED DUPLICATE, No signal during sleep18:57
rpierce99sounds more like ril18:57
arrrghhhbug 13418:57
xdandroidBug http://bugs.xdandroid.com/show_bug.cgi?id=134 normal, Normal, ---, developers, NEW , Crash and reboot on phone call disconnect18:57
arrrghhhthat one18:57
toadlifeilkinansr92, I've had that bug18:58
ilkinansr92so thats the fix?18:58
toadlifeHaven't had it lately, but I've definitly had it18:58
arrrghhhrpierce99, RIL wouldn't cause it directly.18:58
arrrghhhilkinansr92, christ no did you not read what i said?18:58
ilkinansr92no lol i wasnt the one who filed it19:00
ilkinansr92i just though the link provided was the fix19:00
arrrghhhi think it's a bogus bug19:00
ilkinansr92yeh i just saw that19:00
ilkinansr92just talks about the issue19:00
ilkinansr92arrrghhh in that post u asked about what build he was running when he got that bug19:03
ilkinansr92well its FRX06 with all newest files and i just reinstalled it clean19:03
toadlifeilkinansr92, does it happen *every* time?19:04
arrrghhhilkinansr92, which kernel19:04
ilkinansr92htc-msm-linux @ 20110514_16561419:05
arrrghhhis that the only one you tried?19:05
arrrghhhthat's not what is included with FRX0619:05
ilkinansr92yeh i know19:05
ilkinansr92but the last 3 newest once from auto build site'19:05
ilkinansr92have that issue19:05
arrrghhhso before that kernel, no issue?19:06
arrrghhhwhich one exactly?19:06
arrrghhhwhich is the last kernel that does not exhibit the issue.19:06
toadlifeWell the latest autobuild kernels there has been some instability. I would try previous autobuilds19:06
toadlifegotta go19:06
ilkinansr92im gonna try them all in reverse and see which works19:07
arrrghhhk that would help.19:07
arrrghhhwhich phone as well...?19:07
arrrghhhzomg tunnel test time19:08
*** arrrghhh has quit IRC19:08
ilkinansr92couz i would use the kernel that originaly with your post but battery life is shorter19:08
*** arrrghhh has joined #xdandroid19:09
arrrghhhwhy the hell didn't i think of this sooner.19:09
rpierce99arrrghhh is tunneling out of a bank, that's got to be dangerous19:09
arrrghhhit's an encrypted tunnel19:10
rpierce99for stealing all their dataz!19:10
arrrghhhi think the USB tether was more of a risk than this setup lol19:10
*** arrrghhh has quit IRC19:16
*** arrrghhh has joined #xdandroid19:19
ilkinansr92found the newest one that works19:20
*** ksjhsldjkfhlsdkj has joined #xdandroid19:22
*** jonpry has quit IRC19:22
*** ksjhsldjkfhlsdkj is now known as jonpry19:22
toadliferpierce9 > arrrghhh is tunneling out of a bank, that's got to be dangerous19:47
toadlifeYour going to wrong way arrrghhh!19:48
arrrghhhi'm going to wrong way?19:48
toadlifethe wrong way19:48
arrrghhhwho died and replaced you with an old confused asian man.19:48
toadlifeMy mother teaches keyboarding. Can you tell19:49
arrrghhhoh i'm tunnelling back in too19:49
toadlifeShe can type 60 WPM with no errors. I can type 60WPM with 52 errors19:50
arrrghhhyou guys suck19:50
arrrghhhteaches typing and can't break 60wpm19:50
toadlifeI don't know her actual top speed. 60 is more than enough for taking dictation.19:52
arrrghhhdepends on who is speaking19:53
stinebdOur Product Specialists have taken a look at your item and we're happy to let you know that your claim has been approved!19:54
stinebdYour item will be repaired within the next 5 business days and sent back to you. In the rare case where we do not have parts in stock, the repair may take longer. We will update you either way. Shipping time is generally 1-2 business days. We'll send it to your address on file.19:54
stinebdmaybe they'll put an slcd in it19:54
toadlifeThat for your phone with the hairline scratches?19:55
arrrghhhhairline lol19:55
stinebdi'm being picky about it but those scratches could lead to bigger problems19:55
arrrghhhtoadlife, confirmed.  speakerphone audio is busted.19:56
toadlifeThat's great news. It means it not my phone. :P19:57
nautishappens here too19:57
arrrghhhyea... odd.19:57
toadlifeSo arrrghhh, so you have a quick guide on how to convert xdandroid build to a partitioned build?19:58
arrrghhhi never made one19:59
arrrghhhjust make some partitions on the card19:59
toadlifeI have a vague idea of how to do it but would prefer not to have to figure it out myself19:59
arrrghhhp2 is for /19:59
arrrghhhp3 is for sys19:59
arrrghhhp4 is for data19:59
arrrghhhi think...19:59
toadlifeThanks for the guide19:59
toadliferpierce99 was running partitioned. Maybe he can throw me a bone20:00
nautisthere should be something on neo*cough* about it20:00
toadlifeActaully I saw that thread20:01
arrrghhhnautis, our rootfs is different20:01
arrrghhhtoadlife, lol what else do you want?20:02
toadlifeI'll have to go take a look later. No really a high prio, but something I'd like to try eventually.20:02
toadlifeBoxes of $20 bills?20:02
toadlifeA pony.20:02
*** jonpry has quit IRC20:02
toadlifeA car that gets 1000 miles per gallon20:02
arrrghhhok, anything else related to setting a build up for partitions.  asshat.20:03
toadlifeNo, I think just try and figure it out myself.  Should be fun.20:04
arrrghhhit's really not bad20:05
arrrghhhthe rootfs is already configured to work20:05
toadlifeI really need to get a linux/freebsd desktop set up again20:05
ilkinansr92hey arrrghh modules- kernel doesnt reboot after call20:05
arrrghhhso 20110509_063825 is the one that first exhibits the issue?20:06
arrrghhhthere wasn't really much in that one at all20:06
arrrghhhjust a wake lock timer change to make the phone sleep faster.20:06
ilkinansr92idk wat changes wore made but i called myself about 10 times with modules- havent rebooted yet20:07
arrrghhhgood god i hope you're not just changing the modules.20:07
ilkinansr92no Zimage too20:08
arrrghhhso 1314 you get reboots...?20:08
arrrghhhaka 20110509_06382520:08
arrrghhhdid you ever say which phone you have?20:08
ilkinansr92yeh i do20:08
*** toadlife_ has joined #xdandroid20:08
arrrghhhilkinansr92, which phone do you have20:10
toadlife_Just changing the modules would only serve to break wifi20:10
arrrghhhi know, he said he's swapping kernels too.20:10
rpierce99sorry toadlife_ I was afk20:10
ilkinansr92i know its tilt 2 not sure which rod20:10
rpierce991 is fat32, remainder of card20:10
rpierce992 is unused, i made it a hidden partition20:11
*** toadlife has quit IRC20:11
rpierce993 is ext2 "system"20:11
*** toadlife_ is now known as toadlife20:11
rpierce994 is ext2 "data"20:11
arrrghhhrpierce99, 2 is used20:11
arrrghhhand didn't i already say all that? :P20:11
rpierce99you said i think20:11
arrrghhhokie fine.20:12
rpierce99and i don't read your messages20:12
rpierce99because you flame people :P20:12
arrrghhhjust wanted to cover my butt in case i mixed up p3&420:12
arrrghhhwatch it, i'll turn that flamethrower of justice on you20:12
ilkinansr92so arrrghhh anythin alse u want me to check20:12
toadlifeI'll give it a go some time20:13
arrrghhhilkinansr92, logs20:13
arrrghhhi'd like to see logs from this20:13
arrrghhhbut i'm goin home, i'll try to recreate it mahself.20:13
ilkinansr92from the one that works or that doesnt work20:13
arrrghhhperhaps try on a completely clean build, but you seem to feel it's fairly reproducible.20:13
arrrghhhthe one that doesn't work20:13
arrrghhhi don't care about the one that works lol20:13
arrrghhhi want to know why it doesn't work.20:13
arrrghhhbut i'm outtie.  peace!20:13
*** arrrghhh has quit IRC20:13
rpierce99toadlife: the only issue is you can't use a mac (well you can't use disk utility) because it throws the 4th partition into an extended partition without asking20:14
toadlifelol. I'm not hip/douchy enough to own a Mac20:14
rpierce99i don't own one, my work gave me this one20:14
rpierce99but i run ubuntu and windows in vms, if that counts for anything20:15
toadlifeI have exactly that. Ubuntu in VMWare20:15
rpierce99gparted in ubuntu is what i used to partition my sd card20:16
rpierce99and what i did first is copy off my data.img20:16
rpierce99and system.ext220:16
rpierce99and then once i had my partitions set up20:16
rpierce99dd if=/path/to/system.ext2 of=/dev/disk1s320:16
rpierce99dd if=/path/to/data.img of=/dev/disk1s420:16
rpierce99and threw my andboot folder (and everything else from the sd card) back in part120:17
rpierce99that way i didn't have to start over from scratch20:17
*** ilkinansr92 has quit IRC20:17
toadlifeawesome. Thanks.  That sounds pretty easy20:18
rpierce99(i ended up starting over from scratch when I switched to hycs build anyways)20:18
toadlifeGotta go cook dinner for the family. Thanks again rpierce9920:20
*** vinceweis has quit IRC20:38
*** ilkinansr92 has joined #xdandroid20:41
ilkinansr92what script do i run to make a log20:41
rpierce99what kind of log20:43
ilkinansr92to see why my phone keeps rebooting after call20:49
ilkinansr92arrrghhh asked me to make a log20:49
rpierce99you comfortable hacking init?20:51
ilkinansr92if u guide me ill do it20:52
rpierce99meh, install gscript from the market and use hycs script - http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=13103207&postcount=1720:53
rpierce99sorry http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=13102370&postcount=1620:53
*** arrrghhh has joined #xdandroid20:57
*** hardwalker has joined #xdandroid20:57
ilkinansr92hey arrrghhh so i can the script now just make a call and wait for it to reboot and then where do i find the log file created from gscript21:10
arrrghhhwhere did you point it to...?21:10
arrrghhhmight be easier to pull logs from dropbox21:10
arrrghhhas in /data/system/dropbox21:10
ilkinansr92cd /sdcard mv logg.txt logg.0.txt mv logr.txt logr.0.txt nohup logcat -v time > logg.txt & nohup logcat -v time -b radio > logr.txt & nohup klogd > klog.txt21:11
arrrghhhgood god what is that mess21:11
arrrghhhlooks like /sdcard then21:11
ilkinansr92HYC code21:11
arrrghhhi hope you didn't put that all on one line lol21:11
ilkinansr92lol no21:11
arrrghhhwell then, /sdcard21:12
arrrghhhhow could you not tell that...?21:12
ilkinansr92thats what i used21:12
ilkinansr92i dont know scripts21:12
arrrghhhcd /sdcard21:12
arrrghhhshould've given it away21:12
ilkinansr92so i wasnt sure if it means it goes to SDcard21:12
ilkinansr92lol thnx anyways21:12
ilkinansr92where should i upload it to?21:13
arrrghhhyou're welcome anyways?21:13
ilkinansr92what about FRX06 threat21:14
arrrghhhi'd prefer that you don't21:14
arrrghhhthe bug if anywhere21:14
arrrghhhthat bug has NOTHING to do with FRX0621:14
ilkinansr92kk noob question where is pastebin21:14
arrrghhhit has everything to do with newer kernels.21:14
arrrghhhzomg have you ever used the internet?21:14
arrrghhhhow did you even find us!?!?21:15
*** nautis has quit IRC21:15
ilkinansr92yes not for development much21:15
arrrghhhgoogle isn't for development21:15
arrrghhhit's for searching for things21:15
arrrghhhbut pastebin.com21:15
*** nautis has joined #xdandroid21:15
hycwhats up with that guy on the cm6.1 thread asking you to give him everything21:17
arrrghhhi dunno21:17
arrrghhhfunny tho21:17
arrrghhha link to voice search?  lmao21:17
*** Miga_ has joined #xdandroid21:17
hycsigh. so many stupid people, and all of them demanding the right to be stupid in your face21:18
arrrghhhno joke21:19
arrrghhhstupid people always feel they have the right to be stupid.21:20
*** nautis has quit IRC21:20
hycoh well.21:20
arrrghhhwe should be more accommodating hyc.  :P21:20
*** Miga has quit IRC21:20
hycsure, they have that right. they don't have the right to drag others down into it tho.21:21
hycbe stupid on your own time, don't use my time.21:21
stinebdyo arrrghhh21:21
arrrghhhwhat up dawg21:21
hychey stinebd how goes21:22
stinebdif anything goes wrong with our infrastructure from thursday to thursday, can you fire me an email?21:22
stinebdif the server goes to hell i'll get emails anyway, but any random stuff like rootfs not building or some crap21:23
stinebdhyc: pretty well, how bout you?21:23
stinebdsquaretrade committed to repairing my phone21:23
stinebdwhich is great news21:24
stinebdi was worried they'd reimburse me instead21:24
rpierce99on cell phones i'd hope you'd get off-contract price21:25
stinebdtheir website claims the majority of dropped phones get reimbursed21:25
arrrghhhthat would suck21:25
arrrghhhassurion doesn't do that21:25
arrrghhhbut ofc if they don't have your phone in stock, they reserve the right to replace it with something "comparable"21:26
rpierce99but is "reimbursed" what you paid or what you'd have to pay for new21:26
stinebdrpierce99: with a nexus one, they're the same thing anyway21:26
stinebdbut it's what you paid for it21:27
rpierce99so what's the prob then21:27
rpierce99new phone > old phone21:27
stinebdcan't get a nexus one anymore21:27
arrrghhher, indeed21:27
arrrghhhno mo n1's21:27
arrrghhhunless you buy used21:27
stinebdnew phones don't do what nexus one does21:27
rpierce99saw new n1s on slickdeals the other day21:27
rpierce99think they were tmo though21:27
stinebdyeah they're all tmo now21:27
stinebdsince they still sell them on to market devs iirc21:27
stinebdafter shutting down the online store, they stopped making att n1's entirely21:28
rpierce99well, yay netflix!21:29
stinebdyeah i'm gonna need to start a new netflix account21:29
stinebdi'm all out of slots21:29
rpierce99nothing you can deactivate?21:30
stinebdtook the wii off since my home theatre thing does netflix hd21:30
hycspeaking of which - how are we gonna manage binary-patched codec libraries?21:30
rpierce99hyc: n1 officially supported by netflix mobile app21:30
stinebdbut then some time this summer the 3ds will do netflix21:30
stinebdi can't win21:31
rpierce99sounds like win all around to me21:31
stinebdhyc: probably the same as we do for hw3d -- just tarball it up and have unzip-files handle it21:31
stinebdthat way we can stick it on some file sharing site somewhere and not get dmca'd quite so easily21:32
stinebdnot that we do anyway21:32
rpierce99nah they just "accidentally" crash the web server21:32
stinebdlol that's not even the IP owners21:32
stinebdit's the riaa/mpaa mafia that does that21:33
stinebdanyway that problem should be solved21:33
*** nautis has joined #xdandroid21:33
stinebduntil i wake up tomorrow and the server is thrashing again21:33
*** nautis has quit IRC21:38
*** nautis has joined #xdandroid21:38
ilkinansr92hey arrrghhh which one should i post klog logg.0 logg logr.0 logr or all of them21:39
arrrghhhi only want to see your dmesg21:40
rpierce99.0 is the older one21:40
arrrghhhhe's just putting in commands without understanding what they do lol21:40
arrrghhhthe mv statement will ensure there's always an older log to pull21:40
arrrghhhprobably should've just had you pull dropbox logs.21:41
arrrghhhoh well21:41
ilkinansr92hmm odd klog is empty21:48
arrrghhh... you're on autobuild kernels right?21:49
arrrghhhgimmie the dropbox logs then21:49
arrrghhhadb pull the whole folder21:49
arrrghhhor whatever you want to do, doesn't matter21:49
arrrghhhi need the LAST_KMSG files21:49
arrrghhhjust the last 2 i'd say.21:49
ilkinansr92downloading dropbox atm21:57
ilkinansr92wat lol21:58
rpierce99dropbox is a folder21:58
rpierce99not the dropbox app21:58
ilkinansr92cant find it on my SD card21:58
ilkinansr92looked all over21:58
ilkinansr92so though its an app21:58
rpierce99its not on your sd card21:59
ilkinansr92on phone itself?21:59
rpierce99when running android, yes22:00
ilkinansr92im using file manager22:01
ilkinansr92ok so i went to /data but there is no folders22:02
rpierce99your file manager has to be able to run as root22:03
arrrghhhhence the reason i recommended adb pull22:03
arrrghhhdid you literally just see the word 'dropbox' and ignore every other work i said?22:04
ilkinansr92but issue is im not as good as u guys lol22:04
arrrghhhare you 19?22:04
ilkinansr92just trying to help because i love android and u guys rock22:05
arrrghhhi know 14 year olds that have build kernels22:05
arrrghhhyou just need to slow down and read a shitton22:05
arrrghhhi'm still a newb really compared to folk like hyc22:05
arrrghhhand stinebd22:05
arrrghhhrpierce99 tho, that guy i can run circles around22:05
* arrrghhh runs22:05
arrrghhhbut seriously, i had to read _a lot_ to know what i know.22:06
ilkinansr92u guys are all geniuses to me lol22:06
rpierce99unlike arrrghhh i know how to mount --bind22:06
arrrghhhsomehow i knew that was going to be dragged back up lmao22:06
arrrghhhit was a trailing CR, i swear!22:06
arrrghhhdamn \r22:06
arrrghhhor \n?  whatever.22:06
rpierce99come on, is it a cr or a newline22:07
rpierce99epic fail22:07
rpierce99 /flame22:07
arrrghhhnot sure tbh22:08
arrrghhhjust needed it22:08
arrrghhhafter the brace22:08
arrrghhhwhich i had no idea was required.22:08
arrrghhhlike an OCD tard, i removed it lol22:08
ilkinansr92Android Debug Bridge is that an app?22:10
arrrghhhfor your computer22:10
ilkinansr92so download it and install it them usb connect the phone and pull the folder?22:11
arrrghhhhave you read the FAQ?22:11
arrrghhhthere's a section on ADB22:11
arrrghhhi guess i could probably flesh out my thread into a full-fledged guide, but on windows it's pretty straightforward assuming the drivers work - which is what that thread addresses.22:11
*** manekineko has quit IRC22:11
ilkinansr92going there now22:11
*** toadlife has quit IRC22:17
hycthe klog in my script does nothing. i guess mebbe should edit that posg22:23
hycarrrghhh - did you get anywhere with mms?22:25
arrrghhhwell i didn't have the mmsc filled out22:25
arrrghhhdidn't follow up after filling that out tho, let me look at it now.22:26
arrrghhhi'm wondering what the 'recommended' value is for that for sprint?22:26
hyci thought that you had that, at one point22:26
arrrghhhi was using some weird one i found on ppcg22:26
arrrghhhthat referenced an IP lol22:26
arrrghhhrpierce99 said he just had something really simple22:26
arrrghhhwithout his 10 digit num in it22:26
hycyeah, whatever works22:27
rpierce99gogo spontaneous reboot to winmo22:27
hycmebbe sprint has loosened up since that ppcg post22:27
*** mes has quit IRC22:30
arrrghhhhelps when you have the right info in thar22:31
arrrghhhthat was a pic message with no text22:31
arrrghhhworked :D22:31
hycnow try with txt22:32
arrrghhhi wonder if i sent from my sprint to my gv what would happen22:33
arrrghhhprobably open a hole in the space-time continuum22:33
arrrghhhuh am i just retarded or do i actually have to remove my sync acct if i change my gmail password?22:34
rpierce99it tells me my password is wrong and asks me for the new one22:35
*** programmer8922 has joined #xdandroid22:35
hycdunno what you're talking about22:35
arrrghhhi cleared that notification lol22:36
arrrghhheh i can just force it again.22:37
*** rpierce99 has quit IRC22:37
*** rpierce99 has joined #xdandroid22:37
hycso, did you get a working slideshow?22:45
*** arrrghhh has quit IRC22:46
*** [7] has quit IRC22:47
*** TheSeven has joined #xdandroid22:47
ilkinansr92hey guys so i installed ADB and everything so how do i pull out the dropbox folder now from data/system/23:02
*** arrrghhh has joined #xdandroid23:04
arrrghhhhyc, so the pic mail with text and subject came thru23:05
arrrghhhbut it 'appeared' like a video on my end23:06
arrrghhheven tho the sending phone it was definitely a picture23:06
arrrghhhi sent another to make sure :P23:06
arrrghhhalso, can't play the vid.  just flickers23:06
*** toadlife has joined #xdandroid23:07
ilkinansr92adb pull <remote> <local> what do i put for remote and local23:13
arrrghhhuhm, /data/system/dropbox is remote23:13
arrrghhhand local is wherever you want, on your PC23:13
arrrghhhremote = phone23:13
arrrghhhlocal = pc23:13
arrrghhhif you don't specify, it puts it in the current directory23:14
arrrghhhif you put adb in the environment vars it makes it a lot easier23:14
hycarrrghhh: ok, so just like rpierce99 was seeing23:15
arrrghhhah, didn't realize that was the result.23:16
hycdo you still have your original mms.apk?23:17
arrrghhhi backed it up23:17
hycswitch back to it23:17
hycand try a new msg23:17
ilkinansr92im gettin error new line unexpected23:20
ilkinansr92syntax error23:21
ilkinansr92when i try to pull the folder23:21
arrrghhhdoing what?23:21
arrrghhhwhat's the exact command you're using23:22
ilkinansr92using ADBpull23:22
arrrghhhthat's the problem23:22
arrrghhhadb pulll23:22
arrrghhh2 l's23:22
ilkinansr92yeh thats what i use23:22
ilkinansr92ADB pull </data/system/dropbox>23:23
arrrghhhno <>23:23
ilkinansr92now is says ADB: not found23:24
arrrghhhdo you have adb in your environment variables?23:24
arrrghhhif not, then you have to run it from the folder where you have adb installed23:24
ilkinansr92so run ADB from androidSDK23:25
toadlifeadb.exe  - it's part of the android sdk23:27
toadlifeOn my computer it's in C:\Program Files\Droid Explorer\SDK\tools23:27
ilkinansr92well im using http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=532719 guide23:27
ilkinansr92so got to the part that it shows serial #23:28
ilkinansr92then did adb shell23:28
ilkinansr92which made my next line #23:28
ilkinansr92and now im stuck23:28
toadlifewell regardless of where it is, you need to either put the folder in your path variable or cd to the directory where it is located before you run it23:28
arrrghhhthat's the shell....23:29
toadlifeWhat folder on your system is adb.exe in?23:29
arrrghhhi think you're in over your head ilkinansr9223:29
arrrghhhstick to that older kernel23:29
arrrghhhwe'll figure out the issue.23:29
ilkinansr92one more in C:\AndroidSDK\tools23:30
toadlifeilkinansr92, have you installed droid explorer?23:30
ilkinansr92Android Debug Bridge23:31
toadlifeDroid explorer gives you a gui to browse your android file system23:31
ilkinansr92so its batter?23:31
toadlifeno droid explorer .. it's like a gui front-end for adb23:31
toadlifeIt's n00b friendly23:31
ilkinansr92ohh nice23:31
arrrghhhisn't that in the FAQ?23:31
arrrghhhit should be if it's not.23:31
ilkinansr92doesnt say noob friendsly23:32
toadlifeI use it even though I'm really a n00b because I'm lazy23:32
*** nautis has quit IRC23:32
toadlife*not* really a n00b23:32
*** nautis has joined #xdandroid23:32
arrrghhhstfu noob23:32
toadlifegoogle: droid explorer23:32
toadlifeWho you talkin' to kiddo?23:32
ilkinansr92yeh downloading it23:32
toadlifeOf course, on one computer I had droid explorer file to install and could not figure out why, so if you have problems installing it, don't ask me23:34
toadlife*fail* to install23:34
arrrghhhi had driver issues23:34
arrrghhhi reference a thread that i created where someone suggested a fix that worked for me, when none of the other crap i tried did :P23:34
ilkinansr92na i got the drivers to work23:35
toadlifeYeah, I also had driver issues. I gave up. It was a computer at work that I rarely use and it has other stuff to do23:35
arrrghhhhyc, didn't seem happy with doing that... i'm rebooting to see if it's better.23:35
ilkinansr92so u only want SYSTEM_LAST_KMSG23:36
arrrghhhyea just the last couple23:37
ilkinansr92kk i got them where u want me to upload them23:38
ilkinansr92nvm its text so i got it23:38
ilkinansr92so 3 of them should be fine?23:43
arrrghhhkernel BUG at drivers/char/tty_ldisc.c:199!23:44
ilkinansr92so thats wat causing it?23:45
*** programmer8922 has quit IRC23:45
arrrghhhthat last one was probably your most recent23:45
arrrghhhwhich means, no reboot23:45
*** Andre569 has joined #xdandroid23:46
arrrghhhbut yea those other two logs look suspicious23:46
arrrghhhi'll post these on the bug, thanks.23:46
ilkinansr92happy i could help after takin so long23:46
hycthat bug has been there forever23:47
hycsmd driver sucks23:47
*** programmer8922 has joined #xdandroid23:48
Andre569Any way to get a better one?23:48
* toadlife hit's the easy button23:49
toadlifeThat was easy!23:49
arrrghhhhyc, what do you think of that log?23:50
toadlifeJust converted my phone to a partitioned build23:50
toadlifeBooted on the second try23:50
* toadlife bows in rpierce99 's general direction23:51
*** ilkinansr92 has quit IRC23:51
arrrghhhfu, mine was even more vague :P23:51
*** Andre569 has quit IRC23:54
toadlifeFUK YES! Working USB Mass storage!!23:54
*** ilkinansr92 has joined #xdandroid23:54
* toadlife bows in hyc 's general direction23:54
ilkinansr92So arrrghhh u think that bug will be present in frx 07?23:56
rpierce99frx07 is a system image, that bug is in the kernel, they are updated seperately (except for things like audio/bt that require both)23:57
arrrghhhilkinansr92, that's a kernel bug23:58
arrrghhhand i'm late23:58
*** Miga_ is now known as Miga23:58
ilkinansr92I see23:58
rpierce99oh congrats arrrghhh23:58
arrrghhhhyc, i just get a 'play' button now with the old mms app23:58
rpierce99you're having a baby23:58
ilkinansr92I think he mean on been late lol23:58
arrrghhhbefore there was a bg icon23:59
arrrghhhchrist, not that kind of late.  do i look that fat?  hahaha23:59
arrrghhhhrm.  so pic mail works... w/o text.23:59

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